Dog Ski/Wind Protection Goggles

Ski Pet Dog Wind Protection Goggles Accessories

Material: PC
Layers: double layer
Anti-fog: yes
Function: polarized light, windproof, anti-fog, eye protection, sand proof

Protect Your Dog’s Eyes: Worry your furry baby’s eyes get hurt when “tasting’’ wind during car rides? The dog sunglasses large breed is well made with UV-resistant, impact-resistant and shatter-proof PC lens. Protecting your dog’s eyes stay away from ultraviolet, wind, snow, debris, bug or dust. Even if run over by a truck, the lens will not break, so it will keep your dog’s eyes safe if the dog goggle suffers a sudden impact during your dog’s exciting car rides or outdoor adventure.
Function: polarized light, windproof, anti-fog, eye protection, sand proof

Packing list: The dog goggles feature UV blocking lenses, which can block the sun and prevent UV rays.
Soft Elastic Frame: This frame of dog goggles is made of TPU, which is soft and elastic, and has a long service life.
Adjustable Comfortable: Adjustable glasses strap, not tight on the dog's head, suitable for the dog's bone structure, comfortable and safe to wear.
Strong Lock Structure: Equipped with a strong lock structure, the slot is deepened with strong barbs, and the connection is more firm.
Strong Impact Resistance: Using sophisticated production technology, it has strong impact resistance and is suitable for large dogs.