Pull-Out Strawberries Puzzle Seek Treats Dog Toy

Puzzle Seek Treat Motivate Natural Foraging Skills Training Slow Feeder Chew Educational Strawberry Toys Stress Release Pet Nose Pad Interactive IQ Dog Snuffle Mat



  • Made of eco-friendly flannel and felt, it is soft and won't hurt your pet's paws.
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor home play scratching and chewing, attracting cats and dogs and preventing damage to furniture.
  • Smell training: Each strawberry contains pockets to hide food. You can also pour food into each strawberry pit, stuff the strawberries, and train your pet to slow food and sniff.
  • Each strawberry has a built-in sound generator, which can exercise the puppies to make sounds and increase the fun of play.
  • Dogs can find countless surprises from strawberry pulling toys, whether green leaves, strawberries themselves, or even strawberry pits, there are abundant hidden food openings, which dogs can't put it down.
  • Foraging is the nature eating while playing, stimulates intelligence, and eats for fun.
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