Pet Teeth Cleaning Pen Kit

Pet Teeth Repairing Kit For Dog Cat Teeth Cleaning Pen Kit


Material (pen shell): plastic
Shelf life: 2 years

  • This is a pet tooth Cleaning Pen case, it includes 2 pens. The design of the soft brush is safe for pets. Small tip for hard to reach places.
  • The white pen can penetrate the gums, remove tartar and stubborn dental stains on the teeth, soften the teeth on the stone, Make the calculation lose and fall.
  • The blue pen can all care of the mouth and gums, anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic, repair the gums, strong teeth, so that the teeth more shiny and white.
  • Contains a plant extraction formula to make the mouth fresh. It can prevent bad breath, repair and pain relief, care of the mouth.
  • The non-slip design is convenient for you to operate and helps you maintain healthy teeth and a happy lifestyle for your pet.

 Due to the difference in light, the color of the items may be slightly different from the images.