Dog Chew Teeth Cleaning Toy

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Material: TPR

Height: 186mm
Maximum diameter: 61mm
Weight: 130g

Sucker-type dog toy molar rods and non-suction cup products are designed in a zigzag shape of molar protrusions, arranged horizontally and vertically. When playing with toys, it can thoroughly clean the dog's incisors, canines and molars. In addition, it can also remove all kinds of rice, which is effective It prevents dirt, tartar and dental calculus, and fully protects the dog’s dental health.
Toothbrush chew toys are very suitable for daily use by dog ​​owners, strong and durable, and easy to clean. Help solve the dog's oral problems. Use the dog's chewing stick to let your dog brush his teeth and refresh his breath! Dog sticks can relieve anxiety, improve IQ, and stimulate the mind. It also helps prevent destructive behavior, boredom and keep the mind active. The dog’s teeth extend into the serrated protrusions, and the unique serrated design can deeply clean the tartar at the roots of the teeth. It is also very suitable for dog dental care and health care. Let the dogs live with their companions. Provide more time-saving care for dog owners. The toothbrush stick with serrated grooves recommended by the veterinarian is a better way to clean tartar.