Playful Dog Ball with Bells/Light

Luminous Sounding Dog Toy Ball

Material: Rubber

  • Elastic Rubber Material: Dog ball is made of high quality rubber, solid, shock-absorbing prototype, high-rebound and wear-resistant, dog ball toy can be used for pets, engaging toy balls increase interaction with your furry friends.
  • Dog Ball and Bells: When the toy ball starts rolling, it creates a sound, which can be entertaining for the dog, and it also motivates the pet's prey drive. It can be insane to chase this ball in order to enhance pet agility.
  • High-Elastic Jump Ball: Toy ball has a extremely strong bounce, making it perfect for playing in the yard, at home, at the park, or on the beach, bringing your pet's emotions with you, keeping your pet amused, and keeping your furniture from being damaged by your furry friends.
  • Bite-Resistant Balls: The dog chew ball is composed of natural rubber that is both durable and bite-resistant. It also can satisfy the demands of dog chewing, effectively grind teeth, is excellent for young puppies to chew on and relieve teething discomforts, and can also be used as a toy or a clean teeth toy.
Blue Glow
Orange Glow
Orange Bells
Blue Bells