Interactive Dog Food Dispenser

Interactive Dog Cup, Dog Food Dispenser, Leaky Ball


Large with packaging 415g without packaging 340g
Packing box size: 12*12*15.5cm
Product size: 7.5*11.5*15cm
Small 315g with packaging 265g without packaging
Packing box size: 10.5*9.8*13cm
Product size: 6*10*12.5cm
Large with packaging 425g without packaging 355g
Packing box size: 12*12*15.5cm
Product size: 7.8*11.5*15cm
Small size with packaging 325g without packaging 275g
Packing box size: 10.5*9.8*13cm
Product size: 10*7*12.5cm

Made of hard plastic (ABS + PC), non-toxic and odorless materials, it can be disassembled according to cleaning needs. Make sure your dog can play and chew safely.
Add "qi" and "mental stimulation" and your smart dog will see, smell, hear and find snacks next to the toy. It may arouse the appetite of interested groups and dogs!
Dog toy balls reduce boring and destructive behavior through healthy play. When your dog is playing and the ball is rolling, snacks will drop to reward them for being active.
Due to its unique design, it limits the number of snacks, extends the dog's diet, digests snacks better, and maintains a healthy body. Toys slow down the eating rate to help digestion and bloating.
The interactive toy ball can be easily unscrewed to add food or snacks and make cleaning simple. Wash your hands with hot and soapy water. Rinse and dry before filling.

White purple
White blue
Tumbler purple
Orbital ball purple
Tumbler black
Orbital ball powder
White black
White powder
Orbital ball blue
Tumbler powder
Tumbler blue
Orbital ball black