2 in 1 Dog Grooming Dryer and Brush

Hot-air Pet Combing And Hair Dryer For Drying Pulling And Removing Hair Combo

Material: Plastic/ Stainless steel

  • One Device Is More than enough, Save both time and money This is a pet hair dryer that also functions as a pet dog brush. After your dog has been bathed or wet, you can use this dog grooming brush hair dryer to dry its coat while also smoothing it out. The device also has a single button for hair removal with a single click. To help you save time and money. This device is required to obtain an effective solution for your dog's coat care.
  • Slicker Dog Brush, Comfy and Long-Lasting Rounded and sleek comb pins can gently rub your dog while grooming, making him feel at ease and relaxed without scratching his skin. Dog brush made from stainless steel, which is versatile, hard to break, and long-lasting. This dog brush hair dryer is certainly worthy of your dog.
Air cushion massage head
Electrical outlet