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Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog. One interesting fact is that a Chihuahua is actually named after a Mexican state. This cute and spunky dog stands at five to eight inches and weighs around one to six pounds. Their life expectancy is from 14 to 16 years.

Why Do We Love Chihuahuas?

With its huge ears and intense eyes, Chihuahuas make a charming house pet. They are suitable companions for small spaces like condos or apartments. A lot of high profile women adore Chihuahuas and bring them along in their expensive designer bags. One of the most famous Chihuahuas is Paris Hilton’s pet named Tinker Bell who she always brings along wherever she goes.

They are fun to play with and are very stylish which makes them all the more adorable. Dress them in this cute Princess tank top and show them off to your friends. This dog may be tiny but they make up for their size and are quite feisty.

Basic Grooming

There are generally two kinds of Chihuahuas, smooth coated and long coated.

  • Smooth Coat

A smooth coated Chihuahua has a shiny, velvety and short coat but with a thicker hair around the neck. Since they are small, shedding is manageable which therefore, makes them easy to groom. Brush them at least once a week with a soft bristle brush. This will help get rid of the dead hair and at the same time, it keeps their coat healthy.

  • Long Coat

Long coated Chihuahuas have a soft coating that is either flat or slightly wavy. They, too, are easy to groom and shed seasonally. They should be combed at least once or twice a week using a soft bristle brush. To remove hair tangles on the legs, tail and ears, use a stainless steel comb.

Brushing their hair regularly also means that you won’t have to bathe them too frequently. If they are often indoors, you can wash them a few times a week using a gentle shampoo. Make sure you dry them thoroughly to prevent them from chilling and don’t allow them to air dry.

When cleaning their ears, use a solution and avoid using cotton swabs inside their ears. Instead, just wipe their ear with a cotton ball and avoid going deeper because it can push the dirt further. Trim their nails regularly after every few weeks.

Health Condition

Small breed dogs are also prone to having various types of health problems. With their big protruding eyes, Chihuahuas are at risk of acquiring genetic eye disorders and injuries. Some of the other health conditions they contract include luxating patella, congestive heart disease, neurological issues, obesity and dental problems due to their small mouth. 

Understanding their Behavior

Chihuahuas can be quite yappy and noisy, especially when they feel threatened. They can get very territorial which is why they aren’t very fond of strangers. However, they are very loyal and affectionate to their masters.

This tiny breed is an ideal house pet. However, they are not suitable for kids because their small body size makes them fragile. Chihuahuas can adapt to most types of conditions but they need lots of protection, especially in cold weather. Most importantly, make sure they get tons of quality time with you.

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