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It is a normal scene for dogs and puppies to have chewing habits as they gain experience on their surroundings. In fact, chewing allows your dogs to accomplish several tasks.

Chewing on objects is a great way to alleviate teeth pain that he might be experience from an incoming tooth. On the other hand, older dogs utilize this trick to clean their teeth and maintain a strong jaw. Moreover, it also relieves their anxiety and keeps them busy.

Correcting Inappropriate Chewing

Inappropriate or destructive chewing is a common issue on young dogs. In this section we shall be discussing the basics on how to eliminate this behavior. Here are some of the steps you may do to stop bad chewing habits in dogs.

  1. Check for medical concerns. It is ideal to check on your dog’s medical condition. Several deficiencies in nutrition may cause them to inappropriately chew. Some of these are poor diet and parasitism. Problems related to gastrointestinal conditions may make him nauseas. Thus, it triggers chewing as his coping mechanism.
  1. Puppy proof. Create an environment for your dog which allows him to roam and casually chew around. With this, it is essential to keep chemicals and cleaners out of his reach. The electrical cords must be covered. Thus, there is less possibility of your dog being electrocuted. Moreover, secure your belongings such as shoes, toys and other pertinent items away from sight.
  1. Urge good chewing habits. You can utilize certain chew toys to help encourage good chewing habits. Use items such as a pull toy to keep him busy which allowing him to chew freely for his development. There are also treats which you can provide. However, be careful with beef and chicken bones as they may potentially hurt them due to sharp parts and splinters.
  1. Allocate playtime. There is nothing more enjoying than playing with your dog. Remember that if you utilize their energy, you can get encourage them to be good. This will discourage them from bad chewing habits. We recommend you spend time with your dog regularly. It is a great bonding activity and expends your dog’s energy.

Though chewing is a usual behavior is can be troublesome as it may ruin your furniture, shoes or even your hands. Nevertheless, remember that you can do something about it. Just follow these tips and you are on your way to eliminating your dog’s bad chewing habits.

Things to Remember

Correcting your dog’s bad habits can take some time. Nonetheless, remember that you must be consistent in training him to completely remove this bad habit. Should he stray away from the goal, keep pushing him with positive reinforcements. It is discouraged to punish or scold him as this may cause anxiety to them, causing more inappropriate chewing.

Remember that there are other options available which can help you. You can utilize toys that he can freely chew. This will keep the fragile, electrical and other household items away from his sight. Start with your training now and see the difference.

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