March 20, 2018 2 min read

Dogs, like humans, get burnt from the sun too. When exposed to too much sun, your dog’s skin can also develop skin cancer. In fact, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in dogs.

Signs that a Dog has Sunburn

When checking your dog for signs that they’ve had too much sun, the first areas to look at should be their ears, nose and belly.

  • Pinkish or reddish skin
  • Dry and cracked skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Curls at the edge of their ears
  • Your dog reacts every time you touch them
  • Your furry pal seems to keep on scratching himself
  • In severe cases, they might develop a slight fever.

It’s always better to prevent sunburn that deal with the consequence later on. If your dog is regularly exposed to the sun and are often playing outdoors, make sure you do the necessary steps to protect their skin from further damage.

Tips for Sun Protection

Here are some ways to protect your furry pal from the damaging rays of the sun.

  1. Apply sunscreen.

Use a minimum of SPF 30 to 50 sunscreen and apply it to your dog’s skin. Start with the most sensitive areas including the nose, ears, belly and skin with bare areas. You can reapply it as you see fit, especially when they keep on rolling on the grass or sand.

Their bellies are more prone to sunburn because it has a thinner layer of hair. If your dog enjoys hours of sunbathing, always reapply sunblock on any exposed area. It’s always better to use all-natural products and avoid those with artificial ingredients that may irritate your dog’s skin.

Plus, look for products that are free from zinc oxide, fragrances and PABA. Since your dg will most likely lick off traces of sunscreen on their nose and skin, it is important to use organic products to keep them safe from toxic chemicals.

  1. Let them play under the shade.

To avoid over exposure to the sun and heat, find an area with enough shade as opposed to letting them play under the sun for hours.

Even though you may keep them sheltered from the sun by putting them in covered areas or shaded trees, that doesn’t mean they don’t require any UV protection. One way to minimize their sun exposure is to limit their outdoor activity to times when the sun’s rays are no longer at peak.

  1. Use paw protection.

Your dog’s paws may not get any sunburn but with the heat outside, especially during summer, the ground may be too hot for them to walk on. Asphalt or concrete can sometimes get too hot for them to play around on.

There are specific products that are tailored to protect your dog’s sensitive paws. To check if your dog may be dealing with the effects of overheated floors, look at their paws for signs of dryness, roughness and discoloration.

Following these steps can help prevent your little pal from experiencing the discomforts of having a sunburn. Make sure you treat them as you would yourself. Keep them protected with this cute striped tank top, especially during summer days.

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