April 06, 2018 3 min read

Dogs are a great help to people in many ways such as assisting during emergency, helping people with disabilities and aiding law officers. However, did you know that they can also provide emotional support especially for people experience mental health issues?

If you are feeling down or anxious, your furry pet may help you. Here are some of the simple ways how dogs can help you improve your mind and body by being a good emotional support.

  • Keeping you outside and moving

Dogs are very energetic in general. They want to participate in outdoor activities. Take your dog out to a walk.

Make sure to use a harness and chain to keep him within sight. By letting you join them can help you clear your mind while keeping you physically fit. By keeping your body strong, you are less likely to encounter mental health issues.

  • Reducing your stress

There is a routine called rhythmic grooming or petting which is comforting to both you and your dog. By concentrating on his warmth and soft fur, you maintain a connection with your dog.

You can also conduct grooming activities such as clipping his nails. This connection can aid in releasing oxytocin which relieves your anxiety and stress. Moreover, it can help lower your levels of cortisol and blood pressure.

  • Keeping you at present

Most meditations engage you in keeping your mind at present. This means that you can eliminate distracting things which may cause stress and anxiety. Having an alone time with your pet allows you to be in the moment and not worry regarding the past or future.

  • Reducing loneliness

The feeling of loneliness comes whenever you do not have someone to communicate or connect with. By keeping your dogs in your care, you may eliminate the feeling of being along. Nevertheless, it is a two-way process. By loving your dog, it may reciprocate your feelings and keep you from being lonely.

  • Being good listeners

Your dogs can be your support system. Generally, people need someone to vent out their problems and issues to. Your can talk with your dogs about many things. You can rehearse a speech or rant about a class; they will listen. This helps in improving your over-all mood.

  • Loving you unconditionally

Every heard the statement, “dogs are a man’s best friend”? Most of the time, this is true. Your dogs keep an enthusiasm every time they see you. You may see him wagging his tail, grunts or perking up his ears just by seeing you. This feeling of happiness can also be translated to you. This is a great emotional support for all dog owners.

  • Giving you purpose

The sense of fulfillment every time you care for your dog is morale boosting. Thus, if you are feeling down or bombarded with negative thoughts, you can just focus on spending time with your dog. This will provide you an instant feeling of gratification.

Overall, dogs are a great emotional support. Not only do they help you in maintaining a healthy body, they can also give you a great feeling in the inside.

Know that they will care for you more than what you need. With this, we encourage you to maintain a good relationship with your dog. If you still do not have one, we suggest that you decide to get a pet dog for a change.




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