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Dogs tend to get stressed for various reasons. It can be due to separation anxiety, an unfamiliar face, noisy surroundings or their physical environment. Technically, anything that is not part of their normal routine can throw them off immediately.

When dogs become anxious, they tend to react by barking or scratching excessively and sometimes even resulting in aggression. As owners, you can support your dog and ease their tension by understanding the root of the problem. Ignoring their plea for help can make them feel more agitated.

In some cases, your dog probably feels uncomfortable and may just need a set of warm and relaxing clothes to ease their anxiety. Wearing clothes does have its advantages. Although you may not think of it as the first solution, however, you might just be surprised once you try this option.

Here’s How Wearing Clothes is Beneficial for Your Dog

  1. It helps calm them.
Dogs are easily distracted and irritated when there are loud noises like fireworks, thunderstorms or even shouting. Sometimes, when you have a lot of people in your house and everyone is noisily chatting around or kids are freely running around, they also have the tendency to become irritable.

    When dogs are afraid, they sometimes flee from the source of the noise in order to get away from it. However, a nice, soft, and huggable shirt or sweater can bring them a sense of calmness.

    1. It makes them feel secure.
    When your dog gets scared, they too, need to feel secure and protected. Dogs also need reassurance just like their masters. They easily get overwhelmed with situations that they don’t understand.

      A jacket or a vest can give them the security they need. Just make sure you place them in a safe and quiet room with a nice, soft, and fluffy bed. 

      1. It keeps them warm.
      Traveling with your dog is one of the best ways to bond with them. However, just like humans, you also need to prepare them for the trip. This includes packing a jacket or a sweater in your dog bag to ensure that whatever the climate is, you have something to keep them warm.

        We all know that the weather can be unpredictable when you’re traveling. If you’re headed to a place that promises a lot of sunshine and a tropical climate, make sure you bring along this cool black paisley bandana to protect your dog’s skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

        Why You Should Dress Up Your Dog

        Snug-fitting clothes tend to create pressure points in your dog’s body. Therefore, it makes them feel as if you are holding and hugging them. A lot of veterinarians recommend clothes for dogs who easily get agitated.

        Always make sure you get your furry pal the right kind of shirt size. Otherwise, if the fit is too baggy and loose, it will only defeat the purpose of making them feel safe and secure.

        An oversized shirt might also get in the way of their daily activities. Meanwhile, if it’s too small, it can only restrict their movement.

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